The netflix live recording a success...

"Too Young For 40" - Stand up comedy special for Netflix

Barry Robinson Theater - 4552 Princess Anne Rd. Virginia Beach, Va 23462

(Filmed 2 LIVE shows on Saturday, July 16, 2016)

        The 'Quality Comedy King' turns 40 this year! In addition to this major milestone, he invested in a major career advancing opportunity to produce his own stand up comedy special and feature length film! The beautiful Barry Robinson Theater was filled with one of Quincy's most diverse audiences to date. With local support being so difficult to obtain (in Virginia), on Saturday, July 16th team Quincy Carr seemed to not be effected by the least with two nearly capacity filled live recordings at 6 & 9 pm.
            The night got started as attendees entered and was pleasantly greeted by Quincy Carr, Inc. staff / volunteers. Then event vendors Four Seasons Pizzeria & Hope U foundation served both food and alcoholic beverages (Proceeds going to help foster children). Once attendees were satisfied, they were directed to the theater where sponsor ads were on display while listening to top 40 selected music tracks. The entertainment portion got under way when (Host) Ch 13's Ashley Smith graced the stage to recognize sponsors and announce raffle give-a-ways. Ashley announced the opening act, Quincy long time comedy friend Ivan Martin, to the stage and he set to tone for an evening of clean adult comedy. Then after Channel 757 producer briefly prepared the audience for the live recording, the man of the hour, Quincy Carr, hit the stage to large amounts of roars and applause. This spearheaded 2 straight brilliant 60 min performances by the "Quality Comedy King" full of new and classic material that left both audiences in stitches and crying from laughter.
                Quincy Carr and his team will be marketing and pitching the final product to all multi-media streaming platforms; including Netfilx, Hulu, Kevin Hart's "Laugh Out Loud", etc... So Hampton Roads we want to make Virginia proud when this film is considered for streaming worldwide in 2017

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Quality Comedy Show w/ Quincy CarrWhat better way to say #HappyNewYear to your career than know your job is to bring QUALITY to entertainment TV... #QualityComedyShowWithQuincyCarr #QualityComedyKingOnTV #HilariousComedians #AllFunNoFilth #TuneIn #Weekly #FridayNights @ 10:30pm #Cox11 Starting Jan. 1st Posted by Comedian Quincy Carr on Monday, December 28, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

VB Funny Bone - 217 Central Park Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

        This is the only show bringing hilarious 'All Fun, No Filth comedy video skits and live stand up to satisfy every audience! Tehy have no chaice but to anticipate when the next one will be!

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