Full Biography


Quincy Carr was born in Houston, TX., but  raised in Austin. This through-and-through Texan has spent a lifetime becoming the entrepreneur behind a company comprising a variety of services encouraging laughter, positivity, and customer satisfaction on a global scale! By 2008, Quincy was a disabled Navy veteran and college graduate when he achieved two major goals – becoming a licensed barber / trained instructor in the state of Virginia, and starting up Quincy Carr, Inc. Behind the namesake company Quincy Carr, Inc. is a young man with many God-given talents. Quincy is inspired by a promise to his parents that he will be a positive leading example to others. He believes that with a strong faith in God, and a strong belief in oneself with hard work, all things are possible!  Quincy Carr Inc. includes quality entertainment as not only an event organizer, but  also as a professional actor / comedian (since 1999). Under this corporation is another business that exists to provide quality barber services known as Cuts & Styles by Quincy Carr. The display of passion Quincy Carr shows, easily equals his drive and determination to be who he is today as seen through his businesses.

Comedian / Actor

Quincy jokes that even if his last name wasn’t “Carr”; he’d still be driven to succeed. In 2001, Quincy became the 1st in his family to obtain a college degree and in 2008 he formed his company Quincy Carr, Inc. He eventually added acting to his resume in 2012. To date he has appeared on popular Discovery ID TV shows like ‘Wicked Attraction’, and ‘Monsters & Mysteries in America’ and made his BIG screen debut in his new romantic comedy ‘Employee of the Year’ (Releasing 2017). He helped form the ‘Clean & Quality Comedy Tour’ and since 2010, has VA’s only successful all clean adult comedy show (Quality Comedy Series) at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone. That series lead to the launch of a weekly TV show he created called “The Quality Comedy Show w/ Quincy Carr!” It aired (2016) throughout Virginia to Cox cable subscribers. Quincy is a complete comic, aka the ‘Quality Comedy King’ for his signature brand of #AllFunNoFilth clean adult style of comedy; with an unmatched ability to appeal to the masses. You can also find and share his work online (over 150 hilarious videos) consisting of funny original sketch comedy skits as well as clips from his hilarious stand up performances. Quincy Carr is easy to find, book, and laugh with whether it’s on stage or in front of a camera!

Network Personality

In 2014, Quincy signed on as the newest personality for the Great24.com positive news, media, and information network! This awesome opportunity not only exposes a new audience to “The Funniest Man You Don’t Really Know… Yet”; but allows Quincy Carr to expand his efforts of connecting, pledging, and promoting positive initiatives in and around local communities on a global scale. It’s safe to say the Greater 24 network landed a “Stand Up Guy” to continue pushing the their brand forward. And with a bright smile, a personality like no other, and an undeniable work ethic, viewers weren’t able to ignore their devices when Quincy Carr was on.


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