Another acting role on a Discovery I.D. series…

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Quincy Carr’s first TV appearance was on one of Discovery I.D. channel’s most popular series “Wicked Attraction” titled Weapons of Mass Seduction episode 10 (aired on Aug. 18, 2012).  He was recently cast for another series titled “Happily Never After”; where he plays the best friend of the main character who was murdered by his new wife. This is Quincy’s biggest role yet because he is in at least 3 scenes (The Engagement party, Wedding, and Funeral). Quincy say’s he has always felt like he has the face for TV, and we may be seeing more of that face in the near future!

Happily Never After – Part wedding show and part police drama, each episode unveils the murder of a newlywed amidst flashbacks to the couple’s happy romance and the moment marital bliss turned to tragedy.