Quincy Carr recognized for his community involvement

Making Your Mark: Caring comedian uses talent to give back

by LaSalle Blanks, 13News Now WVEC.com
Posted on September 19, 2014 at 4:46 PM


VIRGINIA BEACH — Comedian Quincy Carr loves making people laugh and lights up the stage at places like “The Funny Bone” in Virginia Beach.

He jokes about everything from Hampton Roads traffic to being cheap.

“I have the ability to give somebody the opportunity to feel better,” Quincy said.

But it turns out, he’s a real stand up guy off stage, too. He loves giving back to the community and many charitable causes.

“I get it from my mother,” Quincy said. “No matter what, she’s always doing something to give back and I always thought from years of doing comedy that it’s not always about making money. It’s about can you use your talents to make an impact.”

Every year, Carr holds school supply drives at his comedy shows.

“Education is very important in our household,” Carr said.

He’s also joined other comedians, raising money for scholarships so single mothers could continue their education.

“You work hard in multiple jobs and you put your kids through school and you’re working and the fact that you could still chase your dream and get a higher education, we thought very big of the women in this area who did that,” Carr said.

He also helps the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation raise money for cancer research.

“Cancer is something that my grandmother passed away from,” Quincy said. “Cancer is something that a few comedians in this area have had and they beat. when there’s an opportunity to raise money for research, I’m all for it.”

Car is also using a comedy tour to help his church, Mount Lebanon in Chesapeake, raise money for a home for kids who have troubled parents.

“There are a lot of programs for troubled youth, but not a lot of programs for kids with troubled parents,” Quincy said. “We kicked off the comedy tour April 25 at the church in front of a crowd of over 1,600 people. At the end of the day, the money that we raised, we donated over $8,000 from the proceeds of the show.”

Quincy Carr loves the applause he gets while performing on stage. Giving back gives him a sense of fulfillment off stage.

“If you have it — give it. Don’t just take, take, take,” Quincy said.