The Comedy Tour “Kick Off”… highly successful!

Last nights history making The Clean & Quality Comedy Tour “Kick Off” show happened the way it was suppose to… FLAWLESSLY in front of over 1600 attendees! First of all, the tour manger (Trish Hines) and her team did a phenomenal job! Quincy’s  tour brothers VERNARD HINES hosted and set the entire night up. Then PATRICK “Peaty Ray-Red” WILLIAMS continued w/ his very diverse and hilarious performance that Quincy Carr himself admitted to having the pleasure and pressure of following, and after him, CLETUS KASSADY brought (to say the least) a FREAKING show and shut it down to close the show out! In short they all brought the thunder more than mother nature tried to last night! the killer part was even thought the weather was severe, not only did the people who bought tickets show up in droves; at the door purchasers came in high numbers to witness comedy history in Hampton Roads where all the comics are based out of.

Next they take the tour on the road to many other churches and venues in multiple cities in and out of Virginia to people asking for GOOD, CLEAN, & QUALITY comedy for everyone to enjoy.


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